Additional Information


The mission of The Holy Face Project 

is to silently and powerfully increase awareness of 

Jesus’ presence in our world by establishing roadside billboards of 

The Holy Face of Our Lord from The Shroud of Turin.


In these turbulent and unprecedented times, our Prayer Group felt it important to bring Our Lord among us in a unique way by means of using highway billboards.  This project was successfully done in Ireland not long ago with very positive results.  There is no verbiage on the billboard, just Our Lord’s Holy Face from The Shroud of Turin.  Some will know immediately who He is, others may question and inquire, and hopefully all will be impacted.


Permission was obtained from the Shroud of Turin Education and Research Assn., Inc. to use a replica of the original digital image of the Holy Face on the billboards. This digital image is the one taken during the initial testing of the Shroud Committee in 1978 by official committee photographer, Barrie Schwortz.  For additional information on the Shroud of Turin, visit

We currently have an installed billboard of the Holy Face of Jesus in South Carolina (near Bluffton & Hilton Head Island) and will have our second billboard installed in Georgia (near Savannah) in mid-December 2018.  Two down and 48 more states to go!

Although our Prayer Group initially financed this effort, we are now in partnership with and under the non-profit umbrella of Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, a 501c(3) entity.   Community Foundation of the Lowcountry has been in existence for 25 years on Hilton Head Island servicing individuals, families, businesses and organizations and supporting their needs within the community.  Contributions for THE HOLY FACE PROJECT flow through Community Foundation and are reserved for the project; donations are fully tax-deductible as allowable by law.  Honorary and memorial donations may be indicated and acknowledgement letters are sent to those who donate. 


Our ultimate goal, while maintaining our existing billboards, is to expand The Holy Face Project across the United States.  If you feel Our Lord nudging you to bring this project to your community, please contact us.  We will mentor you every step of the way.  God bless.